Monday Evening Post

Get to Know Bea


I don’t know if it’s because I come off gender neutral online, but I have been mistaken for a guy many times. While I love me some mens, I’m not one of them 😛  So, for those who don’t know, this is me, Bea!

I’m a pleasantly plump, though a bit plumper in real life, black girl with freckles and glasses… and yes, I am a bit of a nerd according to my friends, and PROUD OF IT!

My hair is a big bundle of sisterlocks, that on a bad day looks like a lion’s mane, and I try to never leave the house without wearing the two bracelets my sister made for me. They’re like my good luck charms!

I’m am introvert– though I try to be more outgoing, I sometimes I fail >_< tragically, but I’m an optimist.  I pick myself up, learn from my mistakes and try again in hopes of a better outcome.  I’m also stubborn, as several friends have mentioned, and I agree 😀  I know who I am, what I believe, and I’m full opinions, but I don’t let pride get in the way of seeing other points of view. For that reason, my friend also mentioned that I am reasonable, when I’m stubborn. Like every human though, I do have my flaws, and I don’t shy away from admitting them.

Overall, I’m simple girl, and I find joy in simple things. Best things in life are free, kinda person, which in my opinion can be summed up in good company. And that’s me!

This drawing actually came about because I was asked to draw myself in the uniform of the House I would attend if I were in Harry Potter. Because I only saw the first film (simply because my attention span is so short, sitting through 3 hours can be agony for me) I did not know what I was doing… The first draft , I showed my friend Zygona, and was like “Look, it’s me in Harry Potta’s uniform!”  and her response was ” You just made up colors didn’t you..?”

I replied with a very shameful “……yeeeees”

So, the ever resourceful Zygona, pulled up a quiz, so that I could know what house i would belong in based on my personality. I got House Hufflepuff

For those of you who care to read– this is my test result

“You are nice, aren’t you? The kind of nice that takes an active role in civic affairs. The kind of nice that picks up litter off the sidewalk and puts it in the trash. You and your fellow housemates are the sort of reliable, trustworthy people who would spend their own birthdays manning a soup kitchen and joining a protest march, before settling down to a communal meal in which everyone has brought a lovingly-prepared dish.
In short, you’re the best friend anyone could ever hope for, and sometimes—in your quieter moments—that leads you to feel a little let down by other people who don’t meet those same lofty standards. It’s not nice to think poorly of your friends, of course, and you do understand their points of view, but a little more consideration would sometimes be nice. “

So with Zygona’s help, I re-drew my uniform and fixed my colors, and there you have it. Bea, of Hufflepuff! I now must honor Zygona by binge watching all the Harry Potter films.

Anywho, it’s a pleasure sharing this with you! til next time, Enjoy!

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